Sectors We Work With

Through collaboration and deep understanding of industry sectors we have become experts in identifying opportunities. The breadth of our capabilities enables us to deliver custom solutions for every challenge.

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Over the last twenty years we have watched the luxury advertising realm transform and become an industry far more sophisticated than ever seen before. In response, we have been offering our clients innovative solutions for the implementation of multi-channel media. To truly showcase our years of research, analysis and results, we decided that a new company called HiLite would provide more strategic insight into what we represent.

Print Advertising

From national broadsheets to quality regional newspapers and all premium magazines, print advertising as part of a multi-platform media strategy is still a trusted and powerful way to communicate your brand. HiLite creates campaigns for your brand in print to generate awareness while reaching targeted affluent audiences. Our strong relationships with the publishers ensures we get the best rates, positions and editorial support.

Digital Advertising with Publishers

Digital advertising on publishers websites adds to our clients marketing and branding goals, to ensure that your content appears to your target audience on that publication’s digital platforms. These campaigns allow for deeper penetration into a publisher’s audience.

Digital Advertising

Our digital marketing strategy is built on the foundation of driving measurable results. We take an multi-channel approach to online marketing with a focus on increasing conversions, repeat traffic and generating greater brand loyalty online.

Social Media Marketing

Social has accelerated the speed of culture, and your brand’s ability to keep pace in this environment is central to its long-term success. That’s why we use data and insights to drive the quality of the content we create and the efficacy of the messages we craft. With this as our basis, we are able to forge memorable emotional connections that amplify results across earned, owned and paid channels.

TV & Radio Media

HiLite continually evaluates clients campaigns and target audiences to ensure they are watching and listening. As media consumption patterns change, TV and Radio are a powerful way to communicate a clients brand to a large audience on channels like: Sky Channels, terrestrial, radio and DAB radio, also live streaming services on Spotify and Pandora, among others.


96 sheets Billboard on major roads to small 4 sheets posters in busy to small train stations or London underground, Airports, Supermarkets and Shopping centres like Westfield to central city bus shelters are among the many outdoor advertising opportunities HiLite use to place our clients branding and messaging where it will reach a broader number of people. Targeting the most relevant geographic locations is key to reaching the right audiences for our clients campaign.


This is the age of transparency. The availability of information that consumers have access to is unprecedented. In a world of information overload we believe that a direct brand voice and openness cut through the clutter and provide a refreshingly informative approach to communications.  We make sure substance is what defines style.


We believe in taking a leadership position that will differentiate our clients and drive features, benefits and experiences to highlight something unique, extraordinary and ultimately newsworthy.


The state of communications today requires a dual approach in order to drive both brand awareness and consumer desire.  We tell stories to promote visibility and recognition by consumers and the media. And, we amplify this through stories and tactics that help motivate purchase, interaction and likeability.